My Ph.D. Students

NameMajorCountryThesis Graduation
Neveen ShlayanElectricalIsrael / USACyber Physical Complex Networks, Modeling, Analysis, and Control2011
Pankaj MaheshwariCivilIndiaA Framework for the Development of Sustainable Transportation Systems2015
Naveen VeeramistiCivilIndiaIncorporation of Traffic Flow Pattern Considerations in the Evaluation of Safety Alternatives2016
Mukesh KhadkaCivilNepalBusiness Intelligence for Advanced Pavement Management2016
Victor MolanoCivilColombiaGeneralized Calibration of Simulation-based Traffic Flow Models2017
Daniel EmaasitCivilUgandaA Comprehensive Framework for Utility and Right-of-Way Data Management2017
Cristian ArteagaCivil Engineering ColombiaComprehensive estimation of deterministic and stochastic models for traffic analysis2020
Shakhawat HossenDemand Responsive Transverse Rumble Strips for Advanced Traffic Safety2020

My M.S. Students

NameMajorCountryThesis Graduation
Farhan KhanCivilPakistanN/A 2010
Andrew NordlandCivilUSAStatistical Analysis of a Vehicle Miles Traveled Fee for Nevada2012
Victor MolanoCivilColombiaCalibration of Microscopic Traffic Flow Models Considering all Parameters Simultaneously2013
Indira KhanalCivilNepalData Visualization for Traffic Safety Studies2014
Abbas MirakhorliCivilIranNext Generation of Performance Monitoring Traffic Data Needs2014
Rebecca ConoverCivilUSAA Customer Satisfaction Perspective About Transportation in Nevada2015
Kul ShresthaCivilNepalBusiness Intelligence for Transportation Systems2016
Carlos GaviriaCivilColombiaBusiness Intelligence for Utility Data2017
Cristian ArteagaCivilColombiaIntegration of Business Intelligence and GIS for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems2017
Sarah DennisExplicit consideration of the effects of transportation infrastructure on public health 2019

Other Funded Students Working on my Projects

Kelly KlareComputer ScienceBenefit Cost Analysis - Modeling and Evaluation2012
Antonio MenaComputer ScienceConverters for Traffic Flow Simulation and Assignment2013
Marie RodilloComputer ScienceUtility Data Layer for Nevada2013-14
Mary MurphyCivilTransportation Network Modeling2014-15
Jeff SenecalComputer ScienceFuel Tax Estimation and Reporting2013-14
Damien DenereazComputer Science Performance Management for Transportation Systems2013
Loic BelmonteComputer ScienceData Visualization for Traffic Safety Studies2013
Aaron AraujoComputer ScienceValue Engineering Analyses2013-14
Adonis Batoumi CivilUtilities Data Layer for Nevada2014-15
Scott CheneyComputer ScienceValue Engineering Analyses2014-15
Jeremy OKeefeComputer ScienceFuel Tax Estimation and Reporting2013-14
Chris GrantComputer Science Value Engineering Analyses2013-14
Shane KurrComputer ScienceUtility Data Layer for Nevada2014-15
Matthew RaybuckComputer ScienceUtility Data Layer for Nevada2014-15
Marc McElrathComputer ScienceUtility Data Layer for Nevada 2013-15
Brandon GallegosComputer ScienceOracle Business Intelligence Project2014-15
Thomas MuellerComputer ScienceOracle Business Intelligence Project2014-15
Laurent NoudohounsiComputer ScienceUtilities & Oracle Business Intelligence2014-15
Krishna Prasad NeupaneCivilOracle Business Intelligence2015
Oualid BahouliComputer ScienceOracle Business Intelligence2015
Alexis FoucheComputer ScienceOracle Business Intelligence2014-2015
Marc DinhComputer ScienceOracle Business Intelligence2014-2015
Steven GueryComputer ScienceOracle Business Intelligence2015
Manon IngrassiaComputer ScienceTRC Website Design2015
Mohammadreza Sharbaf CivilLas Vegas Metro Project2015

Professionals Working on my Projects

Naveen VeeramistiTransportation Planner2014 - present
Erin BreenDirector, Safety Community Partnership program2013 - present
Krishna PamidiSenior Project Manager2015 - present
Justin BakerSenior Software Engineer2014 - present
Indira KhanalGIS Engineer2014 - 2015
Diego FrancoSenior Software Engineer2013 - 2015
Michael BranchiniSoftware Engineer2014 - present
John BertiniSoftware Engineer2014 - present
Anish DhakalSoftware Engineer2014 - present
Justin OhareData Analyst2015 - present
Hanns de la FuenteVisiting Scholar2015 - 2016
Krithika DeviAdministrative Assistant2013 - present
Rosangela WacaserAdministrative Assistant2014
Adonis Batoumi Software Engineer2015
Aliudeen AbrahimSenior Transportation Professionaloft2014-2016
Susmitha VemuriAdministrative Assistant2016-2017
Alexis FoucheSoftware Engineer2016

Former Students

Neveen ShlayanPh.D. Electrical EngineeringMaritime CollegeAssistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
Farhan KhanM.S. Transportation EngineeringHDR Engineering, IncTraffic Engineer
Andrew NordlandM.S. Transportation EngineeringFiat Chrysler AutomobilesProduction Unit Manager
Pankaj MaheshwariPh.D. Transportation EngineeringVTN ConsultingProject Manager
Indira KhanalM.S. Transportation EngineeringKCETransportation Engineer
Victor MolanoM.S. Transportation EngineeringAtkins EngineeringTransportation Engineer
Rebecca ConoverM.S. Transportation ScienceUberOperations Analyst
Abbas MirakhorliM.S. Transportation EngineeringUNLV
Research Assistant
Naveen Veeramisti Ph.D. Transportation
CA GroupSenior Transportation Engineer
Mukesh Khadka Ph.D. Transportation
Louis Berger Group Inc.Transportation Engineer