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This project will result in the creation, identification and protection of new intellectual property in the form of patents and copyrights, visible participation in transportation safety projects with both regional and global application, and recognition for Nevada as a leading innovator in the field of..
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Transfer to Practice

We are working with the Nevada Division Office of the Federal Highway Administration through an existing Stewardship & Oversight Agreement with the Nevada Department of Transportation to obtain the required permission for proposed on-the-road field testing and to move the technology forward after the objectives of this project..
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Field Test


Dr. Alexander Paz, P.E., Director of the Transportation Research Center at UNLV
Traffic Safety Engineering and Statistical Modeling
Led the development of multiple software applications and models currently in use by the Nevada DOT
Dr. Mohamed Trabia, P.E., Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, College of Engineering at UNLV
Mechanical Engineer
3 patents with 2 currently pending
Dr. Brendan Morris, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
Computer Vision
Data collection and processing
UNLV Machine Shop Professionals and supporting student
Mr. Tony Filipak
Industry Partners
Mr. Steve Merrill, P.E., CPM., Chief Location Engineer at the Nevada DOT
Roadway design
Will support design, prototyping, field testing, and technology transfer
Rich Sloan, CEO of Rebel Roadway Systems LLC
Entrepreneurship and Commercialization

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