Intellectual Property and Brand Value

  • This project will result in the creation, identification and protection of new intellectual property in the form of patents and copyrights, visible participation in transportation safety projects with both regional and global application, and recognition for Nevada as a leading innovator in the field of mobility and transportation.
  • UNLV OED has filed a U.S. utility patent application covering certain aspects of DrTRS technology in anticipation of receiving adequate project funding to continue development and commercialization.

Technology Transfer

  • The licensing of project intellectual property will result in IP revenues, over time, providing a return to help sustain DrTRS technology research and innovation.

Start-up Acceleration & Industry Development


  • Using lean start-up methodology, coupled with resources from the Nevada Small Business Development Center, the UNLV Center for Entrepreneurship, and students from the UNLV Lee School of Business, the OED will work to identify specific market applications as well as the suitability of the DrTRS technology as the basis of a Nevada based start-up company.
  • Furthermore, ongoing translational research, prototype development & field testing, and ultimately technology commercialization itself will be the significant direct drivers of regional economic and workforce development while indirectly impacting the region as new DrTRS related products and services will be developed and commercialized by both existing and new companies to fully exploit the technology.

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